Love Tonic

It's time to stir things up!

The team at Love Tonic has a passion for flavour. Tired of tonics that mask the taste of the carefully selected ingredients in spirits, they have lovingly created Love Tonic.

Love Tonic is a fresh tasting, quinine free, sparkling mixer. It enhances any spirit to create a flavour sensation. Mix it with gin, vodka and even whisky and rum to experience a whole new taste. Or drink it as a long drink with ice.

The majority of tonic waters on the market contain quinine. Although a natural ingredient, its bitter taste means that many tonic waters are artificially sweetened to make the drink more palatable. This increases the sugar and calorie content of the tonic.

2bcreative listened carefully to Love Tonics vision and put together a concept for the branding, digital and marketing strategies.

Labelling, website, point of sale, photography and social media campaigns were put in place prior to launch and the company are now out there feeling Loved.

Show yourself some love, drink Love Tonic.

Love Tonic

"We want you to Love Tonic so we lovingly made one that is quinine free". Gary Morren.

We Love things that are a bit different at 2bcreative. We Loved the challenge of bringing this fantastic product to market!

Simplicity was the key to making Love Tonic stand out on the shelves. After extensive research we all agreed on a simple clear front label and descriptive rear heart shaped label. 

Love Tonic has taken the spirit of Scotland and captured its essence in a bottle.