Essential Digital Resolutions for 2020.

Essential Digital Resolutions for 2020.

By now we all should be back in full swing for the new year, but many of us will already have given up on the personal new year’s resolutions we set. No one wants to head out to the gym on a cold January morning, never mind trying to shift the extra weight we’ve all gained over Christmas!

It’s a good opportunity though, to give some thought to our digital lives, our online presence, and our many social media platforms. Website and graphic design experts in Scotland have some advice on how to digitally detox, and get rid of some bad habits that are easily picked up.

The Evening Standard has some great tips on how to achieve ‘inbox zero’ or work on the motivation to launch the start up you’ve had in mind for years. We can all benefit from having a digital clear out, both personally and professionally.

Regularly changing our passwords is one of the most neglected tasks that we all should be doing. Many people are still using the same password for multiple sites and logins. It might not be that you yourself are leaking your credentials, but there’s always that long forgotten website you signed up for years ago, and if they get hacked, then you have a security problem!

As well as keeping passwords changed frequently, it’s advisable to enable 2-step verification wherever possible. It’s not infallible, but it adds an extra level of security. Taking a little time to install apps like Google’s Authenticator, or 1Password means that you will have control over all the different logins and different passwords.

As we get older, it gets trickier to keep up with all the new apps and techniques, we get comfortable with the apps we have, and neglect to seek out new tools and skills. Ask friendly competitors what apps they use, and even better, seek advice from a teenager. Kids always seem to be much more up to speed with new apps and immediately fluent in their use. Find out what their favourite three apps are, and try them out.

We all often spend far too much wasted time browsing our social media. Try deleting Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn off your phone, and read a book on your commute instead. If you’re finding you’re still suffering from FOMO after a week, then reinstall them. Trying to establish a routine of checking your socials periodically instead of mindless browsing will have you feeling free and relaxed.

It’s a good time to check if your website is fully optimised, and not just with SEO, but also how suitable it is for browsing on mobile devices. It’s very much becoming the norm in how we view the internet, and if your website isn’t easily accessible on a mobile phone, you could be losing potential customers.

Also check to see if you’re maintaining consistency across all your platforms. Keeping similar visuals and tone of voice with your website, Twitter, and Instagram will ensure you have a good brand identity.

Hopefully, you’ll adapt all this in to your digital 2020, and not let them fall by the way side, like the gym membership! If you’re needing expert help with website design, SEO, and graphic design in Inverness then get in contact today.

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