Working With Us

The foundation of our work is a commitment to good planning and efficient project and production management. Here's how we go about it...


We start with a brief 15 minute phone call to get to know you, your project, and see how many levels of compatibility we have. We need 18 levels of compatibility to continue. Just kidding. If it’s a good fit we’ll schedule a formal Discovery Meeting where we’ll invite you to our offices for an afternoon where we’ll scope out your project, discuss design direction, and craft user stories, among other items. After that meeting we’ll provide a detailed estimate and project timeline, and get started shortly thereafter.


We believe design and development should be seamless not mutually exclusive. Otherwise you’ll have a functional product that is terrible to look at, or a beautiful product that has terrible functionality. We start with the brand development phase, working with you to either establish or further refine your brand and brand strategy. We then move into information architecture and user experience, carefully crafting optimal user flows for the product. The visual design and front-end development phase is ongoing, and usually blends into the development phase to provide a seamless design and development experience.


Form does follow function, which is why our developers are heavily involved in the project long before the actual ‘development’ phase starts. Both our design and development process follows the Agile model, where we break the project down into smaller feature cycles. This produces an environment where our code is always tested, scalable and fast, and laced with best practices.


The reason for hiring us is, after all, to help you launch a successful product. Not only are we professional designers and expert developers, we also have a penchant for deploying awesome applications. We’ll help you develop a launch and marketing strategy along with an ongoing support plan. And since we love our clients, we’re always looking to the future to help discover new opportunities and features to make your product even better.