Typography is the New Black

Typography is the New Black

The way designers have used typefaces and typography effects has always been exceptionally important to the way we perceive the information they want to convey. In the world of web design it has been a long process of incorporating this in to sites. Years ago it was technically impossible with only a few certain web browsers capable of displaying varied typefaces.

Thankfully this has been resolved, and now a whole explosion of different effects and type can be made use of to maximise the impact of your website, or your marketing emails, to really make them stand out in a crowded inbox.

Using bold typefaces can lend personality to text and copy, and can be more effective than using images to illustrate a website. In particular, with more and more mobile and portable device browsing, text and typefaces can make more of an impact that images and video.

Rather than just having a block of text, being able to add an editorial style to the composition makes it much more appealing to the eye, like a glossy magazine layout. Including 3D and illustrated types, as well as cropped and manipulated fonts adds character.

The text on your website does more than just convey information or a purely visual purpose, it’s there to add a tone and voice to the communication, whether that is light and friendly, or serious and important. It becomes a way of adding personality to your product or service. The copy is as much of an important design element as the content itself.

The actual typography used can be very important to the nature of the information it is expressing. The ‘personality’ is much more about the visual look of font. Everything needs to fit well to maintain consistency. Choice of the right font can raise the level of the typography. For example, an elegant luxury brand would have a much different style to that of a tech-based company.

When designers consider typography, it is not just about picking the right font and running with it. All the visual and typographical elements need to fit and work well together to give it appeal and interest. Everything from the colour contrast, size, whether it’s bold or italic, the blank space used, and the difference between headline and main copy is considered with care.

If you’re serious about creating your brand, then a professional website and graphic design service will be an investment that will pay dividends as they interpret your company, tying in your brand, your services, with the perception of your audience and potential customers.

Good typography is invisible. It largely goes unnoticed and works silently, communicating your brand’s values and services to your audience in a way that makes the information clear and understandable, and most importantly, easy to read and access.

Designers take their typography very seriously, and it should never be underestimated how important it is to your website. Our Inverness website design experts are always ready to listen to your requirements and make them happen. Get in touch today!

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