Why Your Website Must Never Neglect Technical SEO

Why Your Website Must Never Neglect Technical SEO

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is central to having any successful website. If your content can find its way to the first page of the search engine rankings, you will be far more likely to get noticed.

Any expert on SEO will tell you how important this is. The majority of people will not extend their search past the first page of search results, so winning that race to get on the first page is essential if you are to be found through search.

Much of the focus of SEO is on getting the right keywords, producing relevant content and building up authority, the last of which takes around six months or more of consistent, high-quality content production. You can think of it like getting to the top of a mountain: It will take time and effort to climb up there.

However, any mountaineer will know there can be danger on the way, with possible slips and trips, wrong turnings, severe weather and avalanches. All the best intention and planning can be thwarted.  The SEO equivalent of this is failures with your technical SEO, which relates to the user-friendliness and navigability of your site.

When search engines come to rank your site for SEO purposes, they will send crawler bots to do this and they will penalise you for a lot more than using bad keywords.

That is why when you put your website together or produce content for it, you should avoid technical SEO shortcomings like these:

·         Backlinks that don’t work

·         Slow page upload - which leads to people swiftly jumping off your site

·         Poor navigational structures

·         Broken internal links

·         A lack of mobile friendliness - this is very important in an age when the majority of searches are made by phone.

These are just some of the elements of technical SEO you need to consider, which are essential if your content creation efforts are not to be undermined.

All this goes to show that if you want to climb to the top of the SEO mountain, you need great web design and technical support to ensure you don’t end up spoiling all your best efforts.


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