Atlantic Lights

Candle Makers from the Isle of  Lewis

Atlantic Lights was born out of a love for home fragrance.

After the relocation of our family from Stornoway to the beautiful west coast of the Isle of Lewis, we felt that there was an opportunity to create a range of hand poured home fragrance products inspired by our Hebridean island surroundings.


It's not often we get a project with such passion behind it.
Being a new company there was great excitement about bringing their dream to life.
After lots of discussions a plan of action was formed and it was down to work.

We created a new company brand, website, packaging and point of sale and we all loved the end result.
If we can do one thing for these guys - click below and buy some of their amazing products.

You'll love them!


Fragrent gorgeous candles

It's impossible to describe just how good these candles actually smell. They have a fantastic range to choose from. They also do melts and diffusers so if you need a gift or even just a bit of pampering, head over to their website and treat yourself.