Two local businesmen walked into our office one afternoon and told us of their dream for pairing chocolate with whisky. They had already embarked on the journey calling themselves Chocisky and had met with Swiss Choclatiers to pair the six whisky producing regions of Scotland with six wonderful chocolate flavours.

Thats where we came in.

This was a multi agency initiative between 2bcreative, Aurora Studio and Whale Like Fish who all share the same office.

Plans were drawn up, logos were designed, ecommerce website and sundries created.

We decided on a beautiful round tin with embossed rivets and namestyle to give Chocisky a bit of an industrial edge. 

The Team at Chocisky are now up and running and doing rather nicely.

This is a whisky drinkers dream gift - if you havent tried it yet you must soon as it enhances the flavour of your favourite tipple.

Whisky Pairing

As people consider alternatives from the traditional idea of smoking a cigar with their Whisky an old idea is becoming popularised - namely the enhancement of Whisky Chocolate pairing. This is an idea Chocisky™ co founders Stuart Baxter and Peter Jones became aware of over 30 years ago first whispered to them in a hushed voice in their local Highland pub by a Master Whisky Blender. As far as Chocisky™ is concerned Whisky Chocolate pairing is one of the Highlands, if not indeed Scotland’s best kept secrets.