New Brochure for Loch Ness Gin

Simply Gorgeous Loch Ness Gin

It's a shame Loch Ness Gin has ended as it was an Iconic Brand identity that was just getting underway. We still think it's worth showcasing here though, so that's why we've left it in!


This was a beautiful small family owned distillery on the banks of Loch Ness, in one of the most wonderful locations in the Highlands.

The spirits were made from the water flowing into the Loch. It was this clean fresh apporoach that the owners had adopted when distilling their Gin. 2bcreative were invited to produce some marketing materials that complimented their iconic product. It was then that we discovered a shared passion for quality print and finishings.

Beautiful foil blockings in Bronze foil coupled with great paper choices and sweet photography brought the combination of simplicity, style and taste together.



Real & Rare

Loch Ness Gin had its roots firmly connected to Loch Ness and the land around it. The family lived on the banks of the Loch for over 5 centuries and their knowledge, love and thourough understanding of the natural landscape fueld their passion and approach.

They approached 2bcreative to produce some new marketing materials and it was a match made in heaven. We love Gin and they love great papers and foils.

The perfect match.