Spey Catchment Initiative

Caring for the rivers, landscapes, wildlife and communities of the Spey catchment.

2bcreative were delighted to be chosen to build a new website for the Spey Catchment Initiative.
It's not often I meet a client that know's Wordpress outside in, and is also creative - this was going to fun!

Paul, Head of Communications for Spey Catchment Initiative, knew exactly what he wanted to achieve and my job was to turn it around very quicky. Through a colaborative approach, all parties pulled out the stops and the site was delivered within a few weeks.



Our Mission

Creating a sustainable, climate-resilient and thriving natural environment for wildlife and communities throughout the Spey Catchment.


Our Vision

A thriving, climate-resilient Spey ecosystem, where natural processes have been restored and the biodiversity of our rivers and habitats is flourishing, in harmony with our local communities.