HIE Brochure Design

HIE Commemorative Brochure

We know it was a while ago but we show-cased this brochure as it was one of the fastest and most challenging brochures we have completed in the studio.


HIE had a double celebration in 2014 which would celebrate Homecoming Scotland and The Ryder Cup and wanted a commemorative brochure showcasing all the Highlands and Islands area had to offer potentil businesses. 76 pages were designed and printed in two weeks from start to finish. Both HIE and 2BC worked a few all-nighters to get the artwork, text and images knocked into shape. Specialist papers and foils for the covers were quickly chosen and sent off early as these would take a bit longer to print. It was then down to the main body of work. Copwriting and proof checking were done late into the evenings and the job was beautifully printed and delivered bang on schedule.

We love a challenge at 2bcreative so if you need a job completeing quickly - get in touch.