Connecting Carers

Creating a Strong Brand

Connecting Carers wished to have a new stronger brand identity so they gave us a shout.


Connecting Carers work with unpaid carers every day and have learned a great deal from them.  They use this knowledge, and their position as the Highland Carer Centre, to ensure that unpaid carers in Highland are not caring alone, that they are acknowledged and supported and that they have access to the information they need to enable them to carry out their caring role.

Based in Dingwall, Connecting Carers felt that no one knew they were there, or even existed, so we designed them a new identity and then shouted about it. New large window graphics in the office in Dingwall certainly let people know who and where they are. We followed this with a new website and leaflets, social media and press a new CRM system and it was a positive turnaround.

They do so much great work these guys - they deserve tons of recognition.