Love Tonic Launch

Love Tonic - coming to a bar near you!

2bcreative have been dealing with branding issues for the past 30 years and we "Loved" the challenge of making Love Tonic a very special case. The brief was to be simple, clean, eyecatching and most of all, appeal to the Tonic drinkers out there. The competition was Fever Tree and Schweppes drinkers who would embrace the Love Tonic ethos. The very fact the product is Quinine free was a great selling point for us to start with.

The brand we finally landed on was a simple lettering style with a quality appeal to both male and female drinkers.

One of the most interesting things we found out about Love Tonic was its ability to mix really well with other spirits. We did a number of pairings with Rum, Whisky, Vodka and even Tequilla and all were superb.

Love Tonic enhances the flavours rather than dull them. We think the overpowering effect of the Quinine versions, masks the true flavours of the alchohol, whereas Love Tonic gives them the chance to shine through.

Although not officially released yet, the signs are positive and production will be happening soon.

We'll keep you posted on the Love Tonic journey over the next few months but we're sure you'll "share the love".

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