Surge In Demand For Digital Marketing Skills in 2021

Surge In Demand For Digital Marketing Skills in 2021

Digital marketing roles are the fastest growing sector in the marketing industry, according to a new survey by  As the Covid-19 pandemic forced a global shutdown, online retail demand increased sharply, and businesses have consequently invested in their digital marketing strategies.

The survey reveals that the most in demand skill is currently paid social media, with job roles rising by 116.4% compared to this time last year. The data is taken from research carried out by LinkedIn, which reveals that overall, digital marketing roles have increased by 52%.

Knowledge of web analytic tools is in demand, up by 46%, as is social media advertising, with a 45.9% increase. Unsurprisingly, the top three areas of expertise most requested by recruiters are all in the social media field. Intern positions were most widely advertised, with a 13.6% rise. More marketers are also going freelance.

The specific skills in demand require a solid knowledge of ecommerce, social media, and digital analytics. These are typically the domain of the ‘digital native’ generation, and a further article on the website cautions that more senior marketers who have been laid off may need to consider expanding their skillset if they are to find work.

Recruitment manager Rebecca Moore comments: “If companies were needing to cut costs it was probably more focused on stripping those senior leadership positions out. It wasn’t always the case, but that’s what some companies were doing – getting rid of those hefty salaries and upskilling those coming through the ranks.”

The article also notes that brands will always need people with experience of broader marketing strategies, but in the future, spending on digital media and the recruitment of experts in that field is set to increase.

The Drum also reports on a LinkedIn survey, noting that three-quarters of chief marketing officers (CMOs) are anticipating a rise in the use of data and technology.

Tom Pepper, head of marketing solutions at LinkedIn UK, Ireland and Israel, commented: “Covid-19 has caused severe business turbulence and CMOs have been called upon to navigate the challenges ahead and fuel the return to growth.“

Another survey on the digital marketing surge was carried out by the CMO Council, who found that two-thirds of global marketing leaders expect to increase marketing spend in 2021, and played down the threat of downsizing.

According to the survey, just 10% of CMO members were expecting to make further cuts, with 65% aiming to boost marketing funds during 2021. Furthermore, 70% had invested in new technology, such as data-gathering software which will allow them to monitor and predict consumer behaviour more accurately.

Other priorities revealed by the survey include working more effectively, and tailoring global and local campaigns for a more meaningful outcome. Marketers are also concerned to optimise customer engagement through improved acquisition and conversion rates. This will involve higher levels of data analytics and digital innovation.

The key focus of the digital marketing strategies for the coming year will be return on investment (ROI) as companies strive to trim costs, work more efficiently, and drive online sales.

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